Monday, 17 March 2014

Why do you think so much?

Why? I mean has it successfully gotten you anywhere?

Why don't people believe more in serendipity, more in chances. Like, have you tried that chilli ice-cream? No! Aren't you a tad bit curious how its going to taste? Yes.. Eat it!

Disgusting, no ? But now you know for sure and you can move on.

It may have long lasting effects like fear of chillis or fear of ice-creams. A stomach ache or loss of appetite. But your life just got so much more interesting! Also, you have a funny story to tell your friends.

Repeat the whole process and replace the chilli-icecream with weirder and major life changing stuff and Voila! You have a life and you are probably like super famous.

Also, never take advice from me.

Until then, take chances :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

What am i doing?

So, i'm going to take a break from the usual posting stuff i created and the whole trying to get an internship thing. Post something i'm not so eager to get hits.

In the process of making my portfolio and the haste of finding stuff portfolio-worthy. I realized, none of my college work is worth anything. I do it for the sake of a deadline, for the sake of marks which no one cares about, for the sake of my undying urge to please my teachers.

Hell, i realized i'm doing nothing related to the lines of my career. I do have doubts if i came to the right place for a career or not, but i'm pretty sure i needed whatever this is to get where i'm headed to.

Creativity is one thing that can only be driven by you, not by a nagging teacher, not by a worried parent. Its creativity! Don't push it. Its not a paper of digits to be calculated and tallied (Accounts? is that you..)

So in the process of getting myself hired, i realized i was losing the whole meaning of what i do. I do it because it makes me happy. I do it more because it makes other people happy. I do it for the 'Awwww's and the 'OMG!'s

Self-learn. Its the best learning :)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Happy Birthday Ma!

Over the years i've been drawing and making cards for my mom not missing a single occasion, this year i raised the bar with a birthday video!
 I have officially spoiled my parents xD

Watch the video here :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Baraka - The Characters

Last year, in the month of September we had an elective of experimental illustration conducted by the talented Mr. Niranjan Mhamane.

The task was to examine and study the movie Baraka. Baraka is a 1992 non-narrative documentary film directed by Ron Fricke. It explores themes via a kaleidoscopic compilation of natural events, life, human activities and technological phenomena shot in 24 countries on six continents over a 14-month period.
Watch the trailer here

I loved the varied characters in the film, i loved them more because they were all so real yet brilliantly unique.

What i've done with them is pretty much self explanatory :P (Other than ruining all the seriousness of the film)

They are all hand drawn and rendered on Photoshop. 

As i mentioned in my earlier post, my massive project is out for your viewing!
Couple of my friends and i have been working on this for quite a while now and we're so glad to share it.
Our very own website

We have created about 170 mini forms of our seniors and messed around with it :P
Lots of updates coming up on the website!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Laadu Laadi

Laadu and Laadi are the characters i happened to create randomly for a rangoli on Diwali last year. Fell in love with them ever since. 

Last month, i finally took out the time to digitalise them and got more precision and character into it.

Printed them.. 

Made Badges! 
..with a companion element of  'आर्ट'. Sold 93 badges at the design store of my college fest.
I'm so glad they were loved :D

Sorry for the highly filtered pictures. I'm an unhealthy fan of filters. :P 

Working on my biggest project until now, will be out tomorrow :D
Until then, Laadu Laadivar khup prem karat asel.

Friday, 29 November 2013


I make tiny people. These are a few people i am greatly inspired by and this is exactly how i perceive them to be :)

Also, i'm at a stage where i'm experimenting, especially digitally. So let me know what you think.

Niranjan Sir. Hes like the Batman of Painting (thus the cape :P) and the best teacher ever!

Rohit. He changed the meaning of drawing for me :)

Ragini as Godess Saraswati (Godess of Music)
Me as Nataraja (God of Dance)
This is the longest time i've spent on an illustration *phew*

Colonel Sanders- Founder of KFC
(For a College Assignment)
He doesn't exactly inspire me but he is responsible for turning me into a semi non-vegetarian :P

A lot of stuff coming up on similar topic!Hope to be able to upload that soon:P

Until then, Spread the cheese :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Home Calling

I'm not too fond of travelling. (Trains are exceptions!)
So this is how i keep myself distracted.

Airport Conversations
My friends and i made a video for my Dad's birthday on the 13th of July which got nominated for the Blender Conference Animation Film Festival as the
'Best Designed Short' :D

Made by Gaurav Dhamal
Character Design: Rohit Kelkar

Also, my all new Intuos Pro is here :D So a lot of posting soon :)